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With the “Mod WIFI” your company will have full control over the Internet sharing service, creating an agile and dynamic communication process with your audience.

Problems that we solve


Open WiFi

Anyone connects without any record.


WiFi with password

Hard to keep control and password sharing.


Lack of control over your internet

Users consuming your Internet and slowing your access to other services.


No security

Company computers connected to the same network as visitors users (possible hackers).


Information Form without validation

False information entered in the login step (Facebook, phone, email and others).


Montly Fee

High fixed cost with licenses fees.

Why choose “Mod WIFI”?


Cost benefit

A single device can run multiple resources simultaneously.


Security and control of access time

Share your Internet by creating a separate WiFi’s from yours computers WiFi. Set the available time and access time frame limits for your costumers.



Verification of users via SMS at the first access (validation of the telephone number), from there, new information is asked each time the user reconnects to the the WiFi (email, gender, age group, relationship, if they have children etc).


Access log

Storage of information about who has accessed your WiFi (telephone number and time).


Send SMS messages (promotions, coupons, thank you notes, survey and others) using the data base of the people who have connected to your WiFi, customers that already know your business.


Speed and time control

Set up what percentage of your Internet you want to share with your user, without affecting your company’s speed of access.


Restrict Access

You can add filters for blocking pornographic sites, including services categorized as entertainment (Youtube, Netflix) and social networks (Facebook, Twitter etc).


In the first step of connection you can display your logo and a prominent image of your business and soon after the login, the system redirects the user to the site address informed by you in the system settings.



Create your own WIFI registration form with the information that makes sense for your business. In addition to special projects that can be developed together with our experts, you can get to know how many people have walked through your business and didn’t connect to your WiFi.